Szőke Erika

3/26 Text

Zoltán Csehy opens Klaudia Kosziba and Erika Szőke’s exhibition “Inanimate Life” in Šamorín-Somorja at At Home Gallery

Zoltán Csehy will open the exhibition Inanimate Life by Klaudia Kosziba and Erika Szőke at At Home Gallery (At Home Gallery, Synagogue, Šamorín-Somorja, Mliečňanská 617/7) on 27 March 2024 at 18.00. More information on the event's Facebook page:

"The joint project of Erika Szőke és Klaudia Kosziba Inanimate Life for At Home Gallery brings closer the themes related to the accelerating and seemingly inevitable transformation of the world due to the influence of human activity, which the artists, separately and together, have been dealing with for some time. They are also interested in the subtle and often overlooked processes in which structures, surfaces and materials are transformed and thus take on a different quality. The latest collaboration is a response to the behaviour of interspecies life forms that display surprising intelligence. These single-celled-organisms*, which are neither plants nor animals, not even fungi, are able to form communities, to expand their territories of influence, to advance and form nodes, to devour everything that "stands in their way" or to wait for their opportunity in a seemingly inactive state. For the gallery space, the artists have designed an infinite plasmodium imitating the activity (expansion) of Physarum polycephalum with a characteristic yellow colour. The videos are decision nodes in this branching tangle and can also be seen as "obstacles" that stand in the way of a better and more beautiful existence. They were created using photographs that were "animated" by collaborating with single-celled organisms.
*Physarum polycephalum

Erika Szőke (*1977) is a photographer and intermedia artist. She is mainly engaged in the medium of photography, with which she radically experiments, transcends traditional photographic approaches, and discovers new technological possibilities with an emphasis on ecologically friendly practices. She has presented her work, for example, at the exhibition Laniakea, Pálffy Manor Malacky, 2023, Fading Earth (together with Csilla Nagy), At Home Gallery, Šamorín, 2022, Festival DOM - Záhrada, Bratislava, 2022, In Vivo Mestská galéria, Rimavská Sobota, 2022 or Speculum Mundi, Medium Gallery, Bratislava, 2020. Lives and works in Veľký Kýr.

Klaudia Kosziba (*1971) is a painter and teacher. She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, where since 2008 she has been the head of the Painting Studio. Kosziba primarily expresses herself through the medium of painting, and is interested in themes from art history, ancient motifs, plants and moths, as well as the issue of memory, the process of remembering, the emergence of memories and forgetting. Her paintings are characterized by a melancholic expression, a certain pathos, indeterminacy, "disappearance", or, on the contrary, the discovery of the depicted motifs. A selection of solo exhibitions : 2024 Inanimate Life, At home Gallery, Šamorín, (with Erika Szőke ), Rhythm of Rescue (with Erika Szőke ) Gallery J. Kollár, Banská Štiavnica, 2023, Before the Transformation, Bratislava City Gallery, 2023, The Sanctification of Mushrooms, Gallery 19, Bratislava 2023, After virtue, Exhit, Bratislava, 2022, Ashes and Sulphur, Krokus Gallery, Bratislava, 2018, Repetition. New Substance, Gallery P. M. Bohúň, Liptovský Mikuláš, 2016. Lives and works in Bratislava."