Tóth Kinga

9/1 Text

Tóth Kinga’s “AnnaMaria sings/singt/énekel” can be supported by pre-ordering on the author’s website!

Kinga Tóth's "AnnaMaria sings/singt/énekel" can be supported by pre-ordering on the author's website!

Kinga Tóth's art album "AnnaMaria sings" contains audio-visual, installative and performative poetry, concerts and poetry videos, graphics, photos - and also some texts. 

"This album is an object between poetry and art, containing my visual, sound, and performative works from the last three years (exhibited in MODEM, Savaria galleries and at the Art Colony Cered), about nun art, recycling, nature, and the everyday life and issues of being a woman. This book is a modern “prayer book” with humor but also talks about environmental and ecological issues in our present life.

If you would love to have one from the book, you can pre-order it by me - and with your pre-order you support the printing costs, as well: https://igg.me/at/annamaria/x/34972068#/ "