Bőd Titanilla

5/15 Text

Titanilla Bőd – What are you working on this week?

Actually all my life I’m working on the very same problem: how to be in different places at the same time. I have read a really entertaining book called Frequently Asked Questions About the Universe, but unfortunately it has not provided me with the answers I needed about self-cloning or teleporting. So instead of this I try to do some lobbying for a new flight route between Bratislava and Rimavská Sobota, which would improve my life quality a lot.

I can’t help, there are so many things I want to do, so many matches I want to attend and so many people I want to meet and talk to and publish interviews with.

I work for a website called Sportnet and this week everybody is crazy about the ice hockey Worlds, but I’m still faithful to my beloved football. I have an interview planned with a great player of the Slovak league and I hope to arrange one more with the coach of another first division team in Slovakia.

Besides that there is my almost-finished manuscript of a fairy tale story about two cats in Istanbul, which I should finish soon and I have started another big project where I’m in the phase of collecting material, but it would be cool if I had an opportunity to meet my interviewee again.

However, I’m not sure at all if there is time for that because there are some other events, for example on Tuesday evening there will be a literary event Súzvuk organized by my great friend Erika Veres (aka Hafling) and I don’t want to miss it.

And my head is full of possible championship scenarios, because they will have a huge effect on the events on the upcoming week, where I also have grandiose plans. As figure skaters say: one element at a time and I try to live my life according to this. And we will see if I finish this crazy free skate somehow or I fall face first to the ice.