Gerőcs Péter

2/13 Text

Péter Gerőcs – What are you working on this week?

This week? I hope I will be working on the same thing not only this week, but in the next couple of decades. I finished my last book ‘Werkfilm’ 3 years ago. It was published one year later. While writing it I was already working on the next essay-short story book, which I have finished only recently. Ergo, I could not have started a new long-writing project in the last 3 years, and it was quite frightening: where should I look for the next subject? When will it come? I was wondering.

And then, about a year ago I opened up the ‘finished books’ folder, and – to my surprise – I found there a document: ‘One-legged ideas’, that I had completely forgotten about. So I opened it and beside some odds and ends I found something which I had wanted to build up to a novel a very long time ago. You see, I just prate around instead of naming the thing itself, though I cannot do it, since it is still an embryo, so vulnerable, so week. I can only tell that the plot will have a character, whose name is Hagar. I can also add another one, well ok: Abimelech.

So currently I maniacally make notes, I read, I do research. Yesterday I had a dream with one of my future characters, on this peculiar landscape of the novel.