Gyurász Marianna

3/5 Text

Marianna Gyurász – What are you working on this week?

It's hard not to feel the pressure of this question, and not to interpret it within the framework of my more ordinary – and, of course, more consistently practiced – profession. Although, in fact, writing and interpreting texts is a quite significant (and, intellectually, the most rewarding) part of my job. There is an opportunity for creative work in the field of scientific marketing, even if it is of a slightly different nature from what I do when I write poetry or prose. The challenges in the field of science education and communication are different: there we try to provide knowledge based on the most solid background possible, and in a very digestible way (in colourful packaging, sliced into little chewable nuggets). In my literary endeavours, I try to give back to myself my own evolving knowledge, my own internal musings, in a way that is not necessarily tangible, but at least understandable for myself. To tweak the dice a little, to see if I can get a more harmonious grouping of colours – even if the whole picture doesn't come together - that is easier to deal with.

But I digress. I guess I mostly wanted to excuse myself, to whomever, for being so unproductive in my literary life lately. I'm still kind of riding the wave of my collection of poems published two years ago, in a way. We still had a few literary discussions centered around it last spring/summer,  I was essentially riding that wave when I attended the opening of Klaudia Avarka Gužák's exhibition The Road to Zaštavá a few weeks back. But I do write new poems - for example, I have decided, as I write these lines, to edit two of them, written in the notes app of my phone, this week, and to send at least one of them to Irodalmi Szemle soon, as if I had promised the online editorial team. Also, I've started to hammer out the concept for another book of poems (as part of a grant proposal I never submitted) – It is basically a sketch still, but I might be working on that this week. Or maybe I am lying to myself – then who knows?