Tóth Kinga

6/9 Text

Kinga Tóth at the Fringify Festival in Hamburg

Kinga Tóth will participate in the Fringify - Independent Arts Festival in Hamburg on 9th June 2024. More information:

Date: 9/6/2024

Time: 11:00

Location: Festivalzentrum/Pavillon der freien Künste

Genre: Reading

Language: Ukrainian, German, Hungarian

Duration: 180


"What if the language surrounding us doesn't suffice for words of solace? How could we speak of what we miss, what divides us, what we have lost? In a multipart and multilingual poetry-music matinée, the artists will lead you through their poetic performances to the voids that mark their lives. від відсутності – The texts of the group of Ukrainian poets led by Liubov Shyrkina & Kateryna Kozlova revolve around grief, solace and absences. Through poetry, accompanied by instruments, the losses become loud and the tremors palpable, cracks that have traversed the word "home" since the war. In the performance “EXILLIEDER” by Mátyás Dunajcsik & Kinga Tóth we hear prayers and hymns, confessions, manifestos, program speeches, incantations, curses, declarations of love and user manuals for a broken world that can only be saved through compassion. Get ready for Queer Punk Poetry and Hardcore Witchcraft.

Curation and Moderation: Ayna Steigerwald

With: Kateryna Kozlova, Liubov Shyrkina, Olga Savitska, Maryna Semenchenko, Marushka, Solomia Kushnir, Serhij Kovalov, Mátyás Dunajcsik, Kinga Tóth

Supported by ART CONNECTS – Hilfsfonds für Projekte mit schutzsuchenden Kulturschaffenden."

"Fringify (from “Fringe”: outskirts, boundaries) provides a platform for independent, experimental and alternative art and theater productions at various locations in Hamburg.We warmly invite everyone to join us:From June 5th to June 9th, 2024, Fringify will become a platform for contemporary trends, aesthetic innovations and socio-political discourse. In its tenth anniversary edition, the festival presents a diverse, cross-disciplinary program consisting of productions from Hamburg’s independent scene as well as regional and international guest performances."