Gyenes Gábor

10/27 Text

3rd Bázis Festival – IN SITU exhibition in At Home Gallery in Somorja-Šamorín (SK)

3rd Bázis Festival - IN SITU exhibition in At Home Gallery in Somorja-Šamorín (SK). Location: At Home Gallery, Synagogue, Somorja-Šamorín (Slovakia). Opening date: 27 October 2023, Friday, 6.00 p. m. Duration of the exhibition: 27/10/2023 - 26/11/2023.

Artists: ARADSKÝ Richárd, EGERVÁRI Júlia, FERDICS Béla, FUNCZIK Mónika, GYENES Gábor, MAZÁN Anikó, NAGY Csilla, PÁLMAI László, PÉZMAN Andrea, SLÁVIK Bernadett, SZŐKE Erika, TÖRÖK Bianka, VÁCLAV Kinga.

Curator: GYENES Gábor.

IN SITU is an artistic group that creates at the symposium of the same name in the village of Vojka nad Dunajom. The village of Vajka, on the Slovak side of the inner Danube delta region, is situated on an artificially created Danube island, between the old Danube riverbed and the water intake canal of the Gabčíkovo hydroelectric power station. The clash of floodplain nature and technology, isolation (the island‘s inhabitants are linked to the Žitný ostrov by a ferry) and dynamic population change (the decline of indigenous villagers and the rapid influx of urban population from Bratislava) all provide themes for artistic expression. This is what IN SITU, a group of artists and architects, is attempting to do in the language of nature art and site-specific art.

They mainly create ephemeral objects, installations and performance art, which are documented in photographs and videos. They prefer natural, degradable materials in creation, and try to minimize inputs and maximize conceptual statements. The goal of the group is a critical treatment of the topic of human encroachments on nature, mapping the global consequences of human activity at the local level.