Vörös Gergely

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Gergely Vörös – What are you working on this week?

On 4th October, Enikő and I embarked upon a new project: his name is Kristóf. For the past three months, our days have been filled with caring for him. This week, we are dealing with a tummy ache and the first signs of teething. We are also trying to stimulate his cognitive development: he has grown tired of looking at high contrast patterns, so we are searching for something more exciting for him, but before we can find something, we are back to dealing with the stomach ache and crying. Then he smiles, a lot. Meanwhile, the end of the semester is quickly approaching and threatening to disrupt the family idyll: in the back of my mind, I’m trying to keep track of the assignments that need to be assessed and marked. I have already come to terms with the fact that some things will not get done this week or the next, but that's okay—OpenAI is already writing poetry (at least in English) quite well.